National Health Disaster Emergency Response Plan

Second edition of I.R.Iran National Health Disaster Emergency Response Plan is issued. This book is a function based EOP and include all functions of health sectors in disasters and emergencies. The book covers theses subjects:

  • General subtitles of a response plan like: Goal, Situation, Assumptions
  • Basic Roles of operation like: Incident Management system, warning levels
  • Health Sectors functions which includes Preparedness, Managerial and special functions

Managerial function includes functions the related to all sectors. Early Warning system, command, control, safety and security are some examples of managerial functions. On the other hand special functions are assigned to one of the units or offices of the health system. For example implementing surveillance system during an emergency is communicable disease control units’s special job. Another example is antheropomery which is nutritional unit’s special function.

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